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There is widespread support for the development of high-welfare production systems and in particular reducing the poor welfare implications of the castration of pigs and the dehorning of cattle).

The European Union has progressively developed a harmonized legislation (Community Animal Health Policy – CAHP- from 1960) with the aim of keeping a high status of animal health and welfare. In this context, the overall objective of the project is to develop and promote alternatives to the surgical castration of pigs and to develop and promote alternatives to the dehorning of cattle.

The aim of the contract is to provide research results that will support EU policy to promote demand and acceptance by consumers of pig meat from entire males or produced with alternatives to the surgical castration . Also to encourage cattle production systems that do not require the dehorning of cattle. The Consortium undertaking the research and dissemination comprises 20 participant organizations and is coordinated by Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia AgroalimentÓries (IRTA) in Spain.

Information on the other partners can be found here.

The project is organized into two subprojects:

These activities are underpinned by a dissemination programme to ensure that the results are quickly and efficiently incorporated into practice.

If you want more information on the project please contact us at:


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